General sales conditions

1. Delivery and approval or technical receptions of the goods take place in our works. The risk of the goods will pass to the customer by the date of their leaving our works. Our goods are travelling at the buyer’s risk, without any guarantee from us, even when goods are delivered free. In case of damage or loss, the buyer has to state complaints with the transporter, before taking delivery.

2. Complaints will have to be notified within eight days after the date of delivery. After that delay no claims will be taken into consideration.

3. We can not be held responsible for any delay on delivery of goods caused by transporters.

4. We accept to receive returned goods only upon written agreement from our side.

5. Time of delivery and execution are only indicative. No cancellation nor claim for damages can be accepted in case of late delivery, as stipulated on order or order confirmation.

6. Goods are payable in Welkenraedt. Complaints will have to be notified within 8 calendar days after receipt of the goods. Our terms of payment are net, without discount, or in accordance with terms mentioned on our invoice. All goods supplied at any time will remain our property until full payment by the buyer. In case of non-payment, invoice will be cashed at the buyer’s charges, without any advice. If we do not receive the payment on due date stipulated and without prejudice to our right of property, an additional interest of 12 % per year will be charged, as well as a conventional indemnity of 15 %, with a minimum of 75,00 Euro.
In case of contest only the Court we depend is competent.

7. A difference of 10 % more or less with the ordered quantity is allowed : no claim nor penalty is accepted. The exact delivered quantity will be invoiced.

8. Our general sales conditions are always prevailing, unless express written acceptation from us, and will always be applicable against the purchase conditions of our customers in case of contest. The sole acceptance to deal with our firm and our general sales conditions automatically implicates the renouncement by the other party of his general and particular purchase conditions.

General sales conditions (PDF)