Since 1876 Ets. Paulus has been active in the manufacture of industrial knives and blades.
Ets. Paulus started life in a region rich in textile industry; originally they manufactured textile shearing blades and abrasive blocks.
The company has been founded in the town of Dison and has been growing there until the year 2000. Due to the confined conditions in the quarters of the towncentre, moving had to happen to allow further development in optimal conditions and Ets. Paulus moved to the industrial area ‘Les Plénesses’ to start on the third millennium.

In a rural setting, with the High Venns on the skyline, Ets. Paulus is based at a short distance of the adjoining countries and along the motorway axis E40.

Ets. Paulus has always been a family business, unchanged status until now.

If textile blades (spiral blades and ledger blades) were the sole products manufactured until the years 1980, Ets. Paulus is now producing a large range of industrial knives and blades for several sectors, as :

  • steel
  • paper
  • recycling
  • food
  • packaging
  • wood
  • space

Ets. Paulus want to continue their policy ‘in the long term’ armed with a long tradition of experience, focussed on quality and service.